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The urgent need for a nation-wide mother organization for the falsely accused and wrongfully convicted to find sanctuary, support and relief lead to the genesis of American Justice Alliance.

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, approved by the IRS as a tax-exempt, charitable organization.

Our primary purpose is to ensure a fair trial for every defendant in a criminal case, without which "justice for all" would ring hollow. In instances, where due process was clearly violated and where evidence of factual innocence was not presented to the jury/adjudicators (sometimes due to "newly discovered", but in some instances, as a result of it being withheld by some malicious police/ prosecutors) the need to ensure post conviction relief could not be more compelling.

Our purpose is especially critical for those of minority ethnicity, race, religions and specialty groups of immigrant-"foreign" origin, being demonized and subsequently punished, not for what they may or may not have done, but for what they believe in and look like; based on where they come from and how they may not fit in to the current mainstream popular lifestyle.

To turn a blind eye to Injustice towards one of us, is a guaranteed gateway to Injustice for all of us.

- Martin Luther King Jr.

The contributing organizations and individuals that formed this Alliance are in a sense, modern revolutionaries, who had the reality check of living in a post September 11,[ 2001] America where stereotypes and escalating aggressions against "foreigners" had become dangerously desensitized as "normal"; hate crimes have been on the rise.police/ prosecutors) the need to ensure post conviction relief could not be more compelling.

To make matters worse, in several circumstances, police and prosecutors entrusted to protect and serve have been infected with similar or worse biases, employing racist, religious, nationalistic tactics to accomplish ill begotten and sometimes outright wrongful convictions.police/ prosecutors) the need to ensure post conviction relief could not be more compelling.

The concerns of [un]equal protection of the law and abuse of power by law enforcement are unfortunately justified.police/ prosecutors) the need to ensure post conviction relief could not be more compelling.

The twofold solution lies within our unity, awareness and strategic affirmative actions to defend the innocent and hold the abusers of power accountable. Meaning, neither is law enforcement themselves, above the law, nor does "Justice for all" have exceptions based on race, religion or lifestyle. Black,White AND Brown lives matter unilaterally.

As seen from the recent paradigm shift whereby technology and whistleblowers have boldly exposed the epidemic pattern of abuse of power by police and prosecutors led legislatures to take a game-changing step in September 2016 by passing the California Assembly Bill 1909, making it a felony crime punishable by prison time for police and prosecutors for tampering and destructing favorable evidence; use of falsities and other misconduct.

Also in California, the recent exonerations of Brian Banks, convicted of "rape" and sentenced to life in prison, until the accuser recanted a decade later ( and Susan Mele, convicted of murder and exonerated 17 years later ( are tragic but ultimately are the few "lucky ones". Even these inspiring examples unfortunately reveals the extraordinary delays, lapse of resources and technical limitations (for example the Innocence Project handles only "DNA" involved cases almost exclusively) that can cause the innocent to suffer further.

Anand Jon Alexander

Our Alliance was sparked by the ongoing unbearable miscarriage of justice saga in People V Alexander #BA327190/(Fn1) who's Writ of Habeas Corpus, based on multiple compelling grounds ( including such outrageous Police & Prosecutorial misconduct that the trial court itself warned of a "mistrial" and even post trial expressed how "troubled" it was; "not happy with the way the [prosecutors] handled this case"; Ineffective assistance of defense attorneys (disturbing failure to investigate due to conflicts of interest) and newly discovered evidence of factual innocence - was supported an Amicus letter (PDF ) filed in the California Supreme Court by American Justice Alliance counsel Corey Parker, emphasizing the intolerable racial inflammatory tactics and unprecedented juror misconduct.

Instead of fact finding investigations, corrupt police and overzealous prosecutors, spearheaded by the Beverly Hills Police Department and the Los Angeles District Attorney's office (already notorious for their long history of misconduct and racial prejudice) abused their power to cover-up the conspiracy, the motives, false evidence and they went so far as to go on a racial-religious-cultural assassination rampage to secure a high-profile conviction at any cost and by any means

Alongside the avalanche of sexual misconduct and assault allegations that have rocked virtually every high profile industry including Hollywood, Fashion and Politics, False allegations are a reality as well, as seen from cases like Anand Jon and Brian Banks

To compound the prejudice, a sitting Juror was so profoundly influenced by the racially inflammatory tactics employed by the prosecution, that he went on to break the law, improperly sought out and considered racial, religious and cultural extrinsic information to convict Mr Alexander. As a result of that tainted trial, rampant with due process violations, racism false and at best, unreliable "evidence", Mr Alexander has been incarcerated for almost 11 years, suffering a draconian 59 years to life sentence. Our Alliance is more than just another organization but rather a long overdue grassroots movement that is hands-on, passionate about truth and justice, growing exponentially in different regions where it is needed most: such as California, New York and Texas.

While representing the 39th District ( San Fernando Valley) at the California Senate Mexican-American Patty Lopez (Fn3 ) got the groundbreaking Assembly Bill 1909(holding law enforcement accountable with felony crime, for destruction or withholding favorable evidence) passed signed by Governor Jerry Brown signed into law: "Cheating California prosecutors face prison under new law" [3] The conviction review units that began out of Dallas under D.A. Craig Watkins have led to several other States following suit. All charged in Texas against Mr. Alexander are being dismissed by Jan 2018.

There are many other cases and stories that we want to share! Check out the story of Gary Klein (HERE, HERE and HERE).

And keep checking back here as we update our Latest News and consolidate the Press & Media articles we find.


Our team includes an expert legal committee, board of advisors and devoted members that are mostly volunteers- intimately involved and equipped to overcome the challenges ahead.

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American Justice Alliance approved by IRS as a tax-exempt, charitable organization!

We are NOW a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and have been approved by the Internal Revenue Service as a tax-exempt, charitable organization.

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Anand Jon reason #9999 to not go to Prison (but at best, go through it)

When the going gets tough, the tough survive, thrive and get better.

Anand Jon at RJD prison San Diego Sep 15 2018.


Brothers, sisters, husbands, wives, sons, daughters, many of who do not belong in prison in the first place and yet these are America's prisoners facing the storm literally.

American Justice Alliance is campaigning to get prisoners out of harm's way just like any human being would be. We are also raising funds for basic supplies.

While Residents Are Urged to Leave, Inmates Remain in Hurricane’s Path (

Hurricane Florence: Prisons in hurricane's path not evacuated (

Inmates at South Carolina prison in evacuation zone not being moved ahead of Florence (

South Carolina Prisons Are Putting Hundreds of Lives At Risk By Not Evacuating (


We are proud to support the game-changing NY bill by Gov Cuomo that will have a watchdog committee over prosecutors who commit misconduct.

Governor Cuomo Signs Legislation to Establish Nation's First Commission on Prosecutorial Conduct (

Cuomo signs bill creating panel to probe prosecutor misconduct (

Cuomo signs prosecutorial misconduct bill in bid to end wrongful convictions (

This is the long overdue game changer but it's finally happened thanks to the Blood Sweat and Tears not to mention the many many Lost Years of brothers in arms like Jeffrey Deskovic, who we are so proud of you and this is what we mean by no innocent man left behind -- this is just the beginning of a revolution.

"Our criminal justice system must fairly convict the guilty and exonerate the innocent. When any prosecutor conscientiously disregard that fundamental Duty, Community suffer and they lose faith in that system so they must have a forum to be heard and seek Justice."

- New York Governor Cuomo - Aug 20, 2018

Cuomo Signs Bill Creating Watchdog Commission for Prosecutor Conduct (

Cuomo signs bill creating Commission on Prosecutorial Conduct (

We're proud to have stood up to such abuse of power in our case and to stand by several of our dear friends and supporters like Jeffrey Deskovic who were the pioneers who made this game changer happen.

Jeffrey Mark Deskovic (

Jeffrey Mark Deskovic (

Jeffrey Mark Deskovic - Vindicated by DNA, but a Lost Man on the Outside (



At the Press Club of India (3pm-6pm), New Delhi, In conjunction with Guests appearing from New York, California and Texas

Join the campaign to Free Anand Jon based on evidence of factual innocence and commute his sentence.
We've made tremendous progress, won ALL the three overlapping out of state cases getting closer to reverse the last/ and only remaining convictions ie California.

Representatives from the Anand Jon legal team and international human rights organizations including American Justice Alliance are scheduled to appear in person and or via Skype.

Note: English portion begins after Sanjana Jon at 4mins 30 seconds featuring Attorney Raj Jose (live from Dallas, Tx verifying the evidence of factual innocence); followed by human rights activists: Princess Maria of Philippines and Parul Mahajan.

As seen on

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TX D.A. dismisses ALL charges against Anand Jon Alexander!

View Press Release (PDF)


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We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, approved by the IRS as a tax-exempt, charitable organization.

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L'Shana Tova / Rosh Hashana & Ganesh Chaturti wishes 2018

Anand started off the new year powerfully, got to do the shofar and God will it will be in Israel and India NEXT Year!

We are grateful for the friends who have stood by and those who were once strangers who have been drawn to be part of this revolution.

It is inspiring to see what Anand Jon is becoming, surviving and thriving through incredible adversity and headed to help the free world soon.

Anand Jon with Shashi Abraham, Katya Kotopaskaya and Mini Guleria at R. J. Donovan Prison in San Diego on Sunday, Sep 9 2018.

New Years 2018

American Justice Alliance team Jomy Jose, Katya Konopatskaya, Sudha Shan and Shashi Abraham visit Anand Jon for New Years 2018 at R.J. Donivan Prison in San Diego, CA.

Thanksgiving 2017

American Justice Alliance team Jomy Jose, Katya Konopatskaya, Sudha Shan and Shashi Abraham visit Anand Jon for Thanksgiving 2017 at R.J. Donivan Prison in San Diego, CA.

Prisoner's Ink

Gallery of literary & art contest

See some of the art created by inmates at R.J. Donovan Correctional Facility in San Diego, CA.

Check out for more info.


by Anand Jon Alexander 2018


by Mickey Wagstaff 2018

Octopus - SeaLife

by Mickey Wagstaff 2018


by Anand Jon Alexander 2018


by Anand Jon Alexander 2018

Natraj Lord of the Dance

by Anand Jon Alexander 2018

Blue blood apple

by Anand Jon Alexander 2018

Freedom now

by Anand Jon Alexander 2018